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November 11-13, 2021 | Charlotte, NC

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Pre Conference: Business Acceleration Workshop

9am - 12pm EST

Double Your Sales: Take the confusion out of building your business

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9am - 5pm EST

  • Lunch at Hotel (included)


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9am - 5pm EST

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9am - 12pm EST

After over a year of virtual events and Zoom happy hours, November 2021 is time for DeWs to connect and grow together!

The DeW Life Retreat will change your life through personal and professional development, inspiration, collaboration, and connection! You will discover your strengths, be empowered, and you will join this incredible community of DeWers.

Register Now! - Seats are Limited

Highlights from the inaugural DeW Life Retreat

We invite you to come, to grow, and to expand your vision for the future!


We want to fill a void that exists regarding female leaders and inspirational voices. To show young ladies entering the profession that the opportunities are real. To encourage those already digging in to raise their voices and for those seasoned veterans to give back and refuse to quit, because as we know, DeWs never retire! 


Price - $849

As a DeW Member Exclusive Event, please make sure to sign up or renew your membership prior to registering for the retreat.

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Anne Duffy, RDH • Holly Anne Mitchell • Dr. Laura Mach • Dr. Meghna Dassani • Lynda Sherman • Valerie Menzel and Leanne Burnette • Barb Stackhouse • Katrina Sanders • ... and more!

Little Voice

Dr. Laura Mach

In our society today, we have lost the art of hearing our intuition, which can lead to bad habits and poor choices.

Using her own life experiences and her specialized training as a life coach, Dr. Laura Mach instructs listeners overcome this problem. 


Two Sides of the Same Coin 

Meghna Dassani

Leadership and culture is not just about what you do but what you can encourage, inspire and empower your team to do.
Regardless of where you are in your career and practice, there is a better future waiting to be created and you can do it with your leadership and culture.

It's Not Me, It's You

Lynda Sherman

Imagine a world where you are an inspiration to yourself, where you appreciate the importance of your actions, and a world where you overcome barriers. Explore the discomfort in living life authentically and embracing who you are.

Words Make Worlds

Holly Ann Mitchell

“I AM” are the words of creation. When you were a child, perhaps someone told you who they believed you were: “You are sweet,” “You are/n’t athletic,” “You are/n’t talented,” “You are short/awkward,” “You are/n’t very good at ____,” “You are/n’t a natural ____,” “You always, you never, you can’t, you shouldn’t…”

Did you believe them? Do you still want to? In just 20 minutes, learn how to use the habit of creation words and questions to heal limiting beliefs, overcome anxiety, empower others with transformative confidence, and bring your vision into congruent feeling and action to change the world.

Leading with Strengths

Valerie Menzel and Leanne Burnett

How to use Strengths psychology to manage others and be an exceptional leader


The Path to Profit

Barb Stackhouse

Tap into your natural human behaviors around money to maximize the profitability of your speaking and consulting business. 

When Life Gives You Sour Grapes... Stomp Them. 

Katrina Sanders

As lady bosses, we picture a life of pristine dresses, pricey high heels and robust bubbles slowly emerging from the bottom of the glass; however, sometimes the universe has something else in store for us. 

Decked Out DeWs

Debora Carrier 

Twice as Nice Uniforms and Banana Republic are thrilled to present this fun fashion show for all DEWs.  Frustrated with what to wear as a dental professional?  This fashion show will include professional wear for the busy professional DEW both in and out of the dental office.  Featuring some of your favorite DEWs as our models this fashion show is designed to help take the stress out of finding high quality professional attire.

3rd Annual DeW Life Retreat
November 11-13, 2021


Hilton Garden Inn Charlotte Waverly
7415 Waverly Walk Avenue
Charlotte, North Carolina 28277
(704) 992-9900

Link for the hotel room block will be sent in your retreat confirmation email.

Life changing, inspiring, full of joy & love!

"I feel so blessed to have been a part of this retreat these past few days. What can I say? Life changing, inspiring, full of joy & love. Meeting everyone has been wonderful!  I love the break out sessions where we really got to dive in and talk about the important stuff. If you are a woman and you are involved in dentistry in any way, get yourself over to DeW and join this amazing group."

-Barb Stackhouse RDH, M.ED.

Join us and register today!

Refund Policy

Upon purchase of a ticket to the retreat, you have three business days to ask for a refund. After those three days, we cannot allow any refunds of tickets purchased, for any reason. If you find that you are unable to go, your ticket is transferable and you may sell your ticket to a friend or colleague. This sale of a ticket outside of the original purchase, is the attendee's sole responsibility. Once the transfer has been made, you must contact DeW with the name and contact information of the purchaser.

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