Win at Business, featuring Anita Sirianni, RDH

In this episode, Anne Duffy and Anita Sirianni discuss the Business Acceleration Workshop for the 2021 DeW Retreat.

1. Feeling stressed trying to figure out how to find more customers and increase sales?

2. You have a business idea but unsure of how to get started.

3. Do you toss and turn at night, wondering how to grow your business?

BREATHE! We’ve got you.

Arrive early for The DeW Annual Retreat and join other inspired entrepreneurial women to focus on your business.

Join us for the Business Acceleration Workshop where you’ll learn how to double your business and build a solid foundation for the future.

Let go of the stress, worry, and drama of not knowing how to move forward or get started. You will build your custom Business Acceleration Plan for growing your business.

Facilitated by sales expert and dental industry veteran, Anita Sirianni, RDH, you will gain the confidence, clarity, and motivation knowing exactly how to elevate your business to the next level.

Register for Pre-Conference: Register for Retreat: Anita Sirianni, RDH Website:

Anita M. Sirianni left private practice as a licensed dental hygienist years ago…but her passion for the dental industry is stronger than ever! Anita has coached dental manufactures and distributors sales teams for over two decades. As founder of The Dental Industry Insider SALES SCHOOL, Anita helps dental entrepreneurs to increase sales one smile at a time.

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