“Culturally Confident Care,” featuring Amber Lovatos, BSDH, RDH

Anne Duffy is joined by Amber Lovatos, BSDH, RDH, the Latina RDH. Amber Lovatos is a public health Dental Hygienist, the director of a dental non-profit clinic in Tomball, TX. She is also on the advisory board for RDH Magazine, and co-authored “Smiles Por Vida,” an educational children’s book about oral care that is available in both English and Spanish.

In this incredibly vulnerable episode, Amber Lovatos details her advocacy for representation of Latinas in the dental industry. She talks about how she came to embrace her Latinidad, and the pride she feels in representing her community. Amber explains that, by making an effort to educate themselves, all dental hygienists can create a more open and comfortable environment for Latinx people both in the office and in the industry.

She shares her own family’s experience with their oral health, and the necessity of a book like “Smiles Por Vida,” for Spanish speaking children. She advocates for dental education and dental care in low income communities, and explains how educating people to take care of their teeth while they’re young can cause them to avoid a lifetime of painful and costly procedures.

Contact: Podcast “Scaling for Truths” “Smiles Por Vida” available on Amazon Instagram: @thelatinardh Email: [email protected] Website: dentalhygienespark.com