“The Power of Mindfulness,” Featuring Kandice Swarthout, MS, RDH, LPC

This episode was recorded live in March of 2020.

In this episode, Anne Duffy is joined by Kandice Swarthout, MS, RDH, LPC. Kandice is a dental hygienist, a licensed professional counselor, and a hygiene educator. She spends this episode explaining the power of mindfulness, and going into the history and science behind mindfulness exercises.

Kandice discusses the importance of sitting with one's feelings and contemplating them as opposed to avoiding them or simply moving on to the next subject. She and Anne discuss the positive impact that frequent and purposeful mindfulness exercises can have on one's life, even extending to their personal relationships. The two answer some questions from the live viewers, and Kandice takes Anne and the viewers through a short mindfulness practice.

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