Happiness is a Muscle, featuring Tarryn MacCarthy, DMD

      On today’s episode of the Just DeW It podcast, Anne Duffy is joined by Tarryn MacCarthy, DMD. Dr. MacCarthy is the host of The Business of Happiness podcast, and is a happiness and prosperity coach for high-achieving women and men in dentistry.

      Anne and Dr. MacCarthy discuss how happiness is a muscle that needs training just like any other, and suggest that if you work on positivity, it can be easier to achieve. Dr. MacCarthy adds that it’s also important to allow the sad or negative feelings to show, because if you numb one feeling, you end up dulling them all.       

     The two talk about the levels of emotions, and the importance of allowing both yourself and others to feel and process each one. Dr. MacCarthy also suggests how to recognize signs that it’s time to take a break instead of working past your limit, and demonstrates the practice of alternate nostril breathing to optimize those breaks.


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