Leaning Into Your Strengths, with Ann-Marie DePalma CDA, RDH, MEd, CDIPC, FADIA, FAADH

In this episode of the Just DeW It podcast, Anne Duffy is joined by Ann-Marie DePalma, CDA, RDH, MEd, CDIPC, FADIA, FAADH.

Ann-Marie shares her experience of doing clinical hygiene in a perio practice (despite denying that she would all through dental school) and how much that helped educate her as a hygienist. She describes her career in educating others, and how her personal experiences have expanded her focus on what she wants to educate people in.

Anne and Ann-Marie discuss Ann-Marie’s top five strengths from the Clifton Strengths Test, and how she harnesses those strengths in dental team training, coaching, and so much more. Finally, the two delve into what Ann-Marie has been reading lately, and the books that she recommends for fellow DeWs.

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Books mentioned
Beautiful Little Fools
The Great Gatsby