From Crisis to Courage: A Love-Driven Mission, featuring Gina Parker

Today on the Just DeW It podcast, Anne Duffy is joined by, Gina Parker, whose recent article "What’s Love Got to DeW With It?" in the DeW Life Magazine's Summer Edition, captured our hearts and minds. Gina's journey is nothing short of incredible. She graduated from Baylor University in 1983 and continued her education at Baylor Law School, earning her degree in 1986. Since 1991, she has been in private practice, but her story takes an inspiring turn in 2001 when she founded Dental Creations with a vision to provide second chances, support women in crisis, and aid missions. Gina Parker is not only a prominent figure in the conservative movement but also a passionate advocate for judicial reform. Her work has earned her the National Outstanding Eagle Award for Texas, recognizing her unwavering support for the United States Constitution.

In this episode, Gina shares her profound insights on the power of support, kindness, and encouragement within our communities. She discusses her mission of helping women in crisis and those who have suffered abuse, emphasizing the importance of providing them with second chances. Gina's message is one of resilience and determination, as she underscores the universal truth that we all make mistakes, but we must have the means to get back on our feet. She passionately encourages listeners to discover their life's purpose and serve it wholeheartedly. Join us as Gina Parker reminds us never to give up, using our experiences of suffering to extend a helping hand to others. 

Referencing the Mother Teresa's timeless quote, "I'm a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world," let's explore how to pick up our pencils and start writing in this episode!

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