Unmasking Human Trafficking in Healthcare, featuring Kandice Swarthout

Today on the Just DeW It podcast, Anne Duffy is joined by an incredible guest with a unique perspective, Kandice Swarthout. Kandice is not your typical dental hygienist; she's a force to be reckoned with. With over two decades of experience in the field, she continues to practice part-time while also serving as a full-time professor of dental hygiene in Dallas. Her passion for education and empowering the next generation of hygienists is truly inspiring. Kandice is no stranger to advocacy either; she's actively involved in the Governmental Affairs Counsel and has even addressed the Senate and House Health Committees in Texas on crucial issues like local anesthesia for hygienists. But there's more to Kandice than her dental expertise. She's a Licensed Professional Counselor with a profound commitment to crisis intervention and trauma counseling. Notably, she's dedicated two years of her career to working one-on-one with incarcerated individuals, a testament to her unwavering compassion.

In this episode, Kandice sheds light on a critical issue within healthcare that often goes unnoticed: human trafficking. We delve into some eye-opening statistics, such as the fact that 80% of trafficked individuals are taken to a healthcare location during their ordeal. Kandice also dispels some common misconceptions, revealing that most victims are trafficked by people they know well, not strangers. Listen in as she shares invaluable insights on how healthcare professionals, including dental practitioners, can identify red flags and take action when they suspect someone is being trafficked, all while ensuring the safety and well-being of the victims. Remember, the right words and actions can make all the difference in these sensitive situations.

Tune in to this episode to become better informed and equipped to combat human trafficking in healthcare!

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