DeW Good Fund 2023: Stories of Impact and Inspiration, featuring Susan Cotten and Kristie Boltz

Welcome to another episode of the "Just DeW It" podcast! In this episode, Anne Duffy has two incredible guests joining us, Susan Cotten and Kristie Boltz, who are passionate advocates for their respective charities. Susan will share her inspiring journey of fundraising for "Fire relief for Maui and Lahaina Dental Community," highlighting the critical work being done to aid those affected by fires in Maui. She'll delve into the personal connections that drive her commitment to this cause and how you can get involved in making a difference.

Our second guest, Kristie Boltz, will open up about her involvement with the "Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF)". Kristie is a staunch supporter of adaptive sports and will discuss the transformative impact that CAF has on athletes with physical challenges, as well as why it's such a meaningful cause to her. These two charities, "Fire relief for Maui and Lahaina Dental Community" and "Challenged Athletes Foundation," are not only close to Susan and Kristie's hearts but are also top donation choices for our 2023 DeW Good Fund.

Tune in to learn more about these remarkable causes and how you can help raise awareness and make a positive impact today!

Fire relief for Maui and Lahaina Dental Community Fund:

Get Involved with the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF): 

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