Writing Your Future: From Clinician to Founder, featuring Sarah Cottingham

Welcome to another episode of "Just DeW It," where our mission is to inspire, highlight, empower, and connect all women in dentistry. Today, we are thrilled to have Sarah Cottingham, the visionary founder of Incito Enterprises, as our special guest. With a background that includes practicing as a dental hygienist since 1991, Sarah brings a unique perspective to coaching, seamlessly blending the 'Big Picture' with an acute attention to details. Her journey from the dental trenches as an assistant, hygienist, and manager has equipped her with practical insights that resonate with professionals at all levels.

In this episode, Sarah shares her inspiring story, revealing the pivotal moments that led her to consultancy and helping businesses achieve unparalleled success. Drawing from her rich experience in the dental industry, she discusses the importance of strategic evaluation, cultural assessment, and the implementation of systems for sustainable results. Tune in to hear Sarah's thoughts on the transformative power of retreats and community events, emphasizing the profound impact they can have on one's career trajectory. As a seasoned clinician, speaker, author, mentor, and coach, Sarah provides invaluable advice on writing your future, taking bold steps, and embracing failure as a natural part of the journey.

Join us as we delve into Sarah Cottingham's wealth of wisdom on navigating your career path and unleashing your full potential!

You Can Reach Out to Sarah Here:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 480-861-8109

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