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Hosted by: Dental Entrepreneur Women

Dental Entrepreneur Women is here to dive deep and share stories with the mission to inspire, highlight, empower, and connect all women in dentistry. 

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A Seat at the Table, Featuring Christie Bailey

There are still a lot of professional challenges for women in dentistry. Through leadership at Pulpdent and the power of Dental Entrepreneur Woman (DeW), we are working to make a difference. Women are still fighting...
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Progress, Not Perfection, Featuring Dr. Maggie Augustyn

Is perfectionism a strength? Why are we holding ourselves to this impossible standard? Dental professionals are notoriously perfectionists and has a huge impact on the chronic burnout in the dental industry. Dr....
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Breakthrough to Excellence with Jasmin Haley RDH, MSDH, CDA

Episode #12

Jasmin Haley shares her story and how she has overcome obstacles and scaled her business. We never know how much time we have left, so let's make it count and do it with joy.  Anne and Jasmin discuss the power of...
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11: Save Your Teeth, Save The Planet, Featuring Lynda Sherman

Episode #11

Lynda Sherman is on a mission to save the cavity that the dental industry is leaving on the planet. Dental products are inherently not sustainable, being made from plastics and chemicals. On this episode, she shares...
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10: The Power of "With," Featuring Minal Sampat, BA, RDH

Episode #10

How can women support each other? In this episode, Anne Duffy and Minal Sampat discuss the power of women supporting women in the world of business of dentistry. Instead of competing, we need to promote, support, and...
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9: Saying "Yes," Featuring Bianca Velayo, DMD

Episode #9

Dr. Velayo and Anne Duffy discuss the culture of "yes," and exploring opportunities in dentistry. By getting involved and continuing to surround herself with good people, she is working to make a positive impact in...
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8: The Little Book of Bloom, Featuring Janet Hagerman, RDH, BS

Episode #8

Janet discusses the importance of experiencing, appreciating, and enjoying nature. When you go out in nature, even for a simple walk, it has incredible physical effects on the body. It is a beautiful way to de-stress...
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7: Ending the Silence: Can We DeW Better? Featuring Dr. Ronni Brown

Episode #7

Today’s episode features Dr. Ronni Brown. We discuss Dr. Brown’s experience treating patients at a medium-security correctional facility in Northern California, which led to writing her book, A State of Decay. These...
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6: Meaningful Action Featuring Andrea Frohning

Episode #6

Today we are joined by Andrea Frohning, Chief Human Resources Officer of Patterson Companies. Anne and Andrea discuss taking meaningful action to diversify in the world of corporate dentistry, and the actionable...
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5: Overcoming Barriers Featuring Allison Lacoursiere

Episode #5

In this episode of Just DeW It Podcast, Anne Duffy talks with Allison Lacoursiere the founder of Clear Coaching. They discuss her journey from Canada to Bermuda for her career, family life, and the entrepreneur...
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4: Know Your Worth and Never Give Up, featuring Lisa Moler

Episode #4

In the latest episode of the Just DeW It podcast, Anne Duffy interviews Lisa Moler. They discuss Lisa's entrepreneurial career in the world of dentistry, her journey and struggles with sleep apnea, and her specialty...
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3: Building a Great Team, Featuring Nicolle Campion

Episode #3

In this episode, Nicolle Campion of Zirc discusses company culture, manufacturing during the time of COVID, work-life balance, and the future of the dental industry. Nicolle Campion Zirc Website Just...
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